Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May is for Birthdays!!

As of May 14, 2011 I am officially 25 years old!!! Where in the world did the time go?? I don't feel like I am 25. I feel like I should have a couple of kiddos, be settled in my career, and have my educated completed. Not even close on any of that! BUT I am married to my best friend. That is one thing that has been crossed off "the list" for a couple years now. But there just seems to be so much unaccomplished. And I didn't like turning a quarter century without my husband at my side. He told me he didn't like being away for my birthday either. He needed to be home to wake up to and spend the whole day off with. I know I am kind of whining right now. I know that there are plenty of other families out there missing their loved ones while they are away. I just REALLY miss him! Although I can't complain about the friends and family here that did a wonderful job about making the whole weekend special for me.

I went to the salon on Friday afternoon for some pampering. The stylists at Bombshell in Chesapeake were wonderful at helping me feel my inner "Bombshell" I walked out with pampered feet, pretty nails, and a great new hairstyle. And I went on over the Joe and Nichole's for dinner. She was sweet enough to make me a cake too. Delicious chocolate cake with homemade white frosting. Scrumptious!! Dinner and friends, just a wonderful way to spend a Friday night!!

My second birthday cake was from my Dad and Phyllis. They drove in from the farm on Sunday to bring me cake and presents. They were also nice enough to take me out to Dinner and Mcormick and Schmidts in downtown Virginia Beach. I stuffed my face with fresh Flounder, fried calamari and spinach artichoke dip! YUM YUM!! And that cake is red velvet with cream cheese frosting which happens to be my second favorite besides chocolate cake. So much for dropping a few pounds before the end of the deployment!! :)

I have such a wonderful husband. He couldn't let my birthday go by and not spoil me rotten. I got this in the mail on Friday from Amazon. He had bought me 1500 thread count sheets with a 1500 thread count down comforter!! Pretty nice, huh? I had been talking about getting new sheets like this for a while, but didn't want to spend the money on them. Well, my birthday was a good excuse to spend the money according to my baby. And I can't forget that he had already sent me a pair of gold and diamond earrings from Bahrain when Rob came home in April. I am so spoiled. Thank you, baby!! I love you!! Can't wait till I can spoil you in October for your birthday!!! xoxox

More of my birthday spoils from my dad and Phyllis. That Betty Boop shirt looked great with my jeans and my red pumps. :) Thank you guys!! (Oh, and $50 was nice too!)

I also can't forget to mention that my visiting teacher Kendy, once again came to my rescue and took me out to lunch on Saturday to the Broken Egg Bistro! Food we delicious and the company was great! Thanks for thinking of me, Kendy!! OH! and for all the cards, calls, and facebook shout outs, thank you. It helped make me feel not so alone.

At the end of the day, I might not have all the things I have hoped for, but I do have A LOT!!

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