Wednesday, April 21, 2010

USS Enterprise

Today Alex was able to take me to work and show me around. I was so excited to go and see the aircraft carrier. I mean how many people get to actually visit the USS Enterprise, the oldest ship in the Navy fleet? I learned a lot about how it all works and it was neat to see my husband's home away from home. He actually got to show me his "rack" (aka-his bed) and his storage space. It was a little claustrophobic down there, but I didn't get to stay long and I didn't really want to because that is where all the guys get changed and stuff (my poor virgin eyes lol)
After he showed me where he sleeps, I got to see where he eats, the Galley, as it's called. They were in the middle of serving lunch, so it was busy down there. It amazes me that so many people live on that ship! I couldn't actually go see where Alex works because it's a restricted area. But the rest that he showed me I got some pictures of!

This is retired plane that sits on the flight deck, I guess as sort of a mascot. It's name is Big Rob.

This was painted on the side by the flight deck. I have no idea what blast props or rotors are, but BEWARE!

This is the flight deck elevator. It takes the planes from the hangar bay up to the flight deck.

Some more art on the side up on the flight deck.

Alex got me a better view of the flight deck. I don't know if you can see it but there are some cables running horizontally that catch the planes when they land.

This is the end of the flight deck and I loved how they had a flag out there flying.

I was standing on a step looking over the flight deck, and I just had to snap a shot of this good lookin' sailor!

This is one of the look-outs. When the ship is out to sea sailors stand here and, well, look-out. It was a pretty amazing view!

This is the front and I don't think you can see it in this picture, but there are lines running vertically down the flight deck that are catapults that shoot the planes off the boat.

"Uhhhh.....boat rope?" If anyone watches Friends as much as we do, you will know EXACTLY what this references!

In this picture we are now under the flight deck. Those are the life rafts and they expand to hold about 18 people...but they better not ever have to be used!!

This is one of the only weapons on the ship. I can't remember what Alex called it. I guess he can remind me later.

This must be just for looks cause if you go overboard on this monster ship, I really don't think that lil' preserver is going to do much.

This is called a bulls eye. If you know how to crack the code then it tells you where you are on the ship. Alex obviously could tell me exactly what it all means together, but I would just have to be lost if I was left to my own devices.

This is something set up for the Officers, which my Alex is not. He is an ordinary enlisted fella.

Some one offered to take a picture of us and this is what we got. PDA is not allowed in uniform, so he couldn't even put his arm around me. And I don't know if you can tell, but Alex doesn't really like to smile in pictures.

Some emblems, I guess I could call them, that were hanging up in the hangar bay. I guess I forgot to upload the picture I took of the entire length of the hangar bay but it's roughly 900 ft long and can hold about 50 planes at a time. The Enterprise can actually hold 80-85 planes between the flight deck and the hangar bay. Oh, and the flight deck is roughly 1100 ft long.

I took this one on our way out to the car. It's so big, I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture! I wish I could have taken more pictures of what I saw like the Galley, his rack, and maybe a couple sets of stairs. I know it sounds weird to take pictures of stairs but there were s0o0o many of them and so0o0o steep! I got out of breath when were were trying to get above the flight deck to look out and Alex thought that was kinda funny.
It was an interesting day and now when he's away from weeks at a time I will be able to picture exactly what he's doing. I plan on going to see it again and maybe get some more pictures....anything to spend time with my best friend!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Easter Treat

So Alex had to work on Easter, but we got to spend the day before together. We went to see Clash of the Titans 3D and then came home and made dinner together. When we were at the store getting some stuff for dinner and I suggested that we get something to make a little Easter treat. So we ended up with some strawberry shortcake!! It was so delicious and I can only take credit for the idea because Alex put everything together while I was cooking dinner. Here are a few pics of us enjoying our desert!

I LOVE this picture. Alex is scowling at me because I made him stop eating to take a picture! :)

His very last bite! I forgot to grab the camera to get a before shot, but that last bite still looks yummy!

We were laughing so hard when were trying to take this picture. I hadn't realized that my shirt was actually cut too low and the other pictures we had taken before this were not G-rated. So I was trying to lean over enough to stop that problem. Lessons learned: Strawberry short cake is good and low cut cami's are bad!! Happy Easter everyone!!

Here's our Sunshine....

Alex and I don't have any kiddos yet, but we do have babies!!! Sunshine is our lazy, fat cat. He loves to sit in Alex's computer chair and he doesn't like to leave. As you can tell..... Alex is now sitting on him, and he still won't leave.

That cat has no fear!!!

Here is our Sunshine in his favorite spot!!!