Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alex's Birthday

Can you say yum?!?!?!

I love birthdays!!! Alex turned 25 in last month and it was so much fun to make dinner and a cake for him. I actually found the recipe for his birthday cake on a blog that I was looking at a while back. It was so sweet that he couldn't even finish eating a full piece!! And that is crazy cause Alex is definately a good eater!! I also made him pork schnitzel at his request. My gradmother actually made it when he was visiting last winter and he has loved it ever since. I kind of wish we could have done a lil more, like throw a party with all of our friends, but it was just a wonderful day celebrating my best friend!! What can be better than that? Besides, we will have LOTS more birthdays to celebrate with eachother in whatever way we please!