Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years

2009 ended in the best way that it could have possibly ended. I may have been asleep when the ball dropped, but I was in my nice home, with my wonderful husband asleep beside me. Our adorable dog was snoozing in her crate and the cat was curled up on the floor. Just a peaceful, dreamy way to enter the New Year. And I wouldn't trade it for any big party or alcoholic beverage that so many enjoy on this night. It's just not for me.
As the year ended I began to think about all the wonderful things that occurred in 2009. I moved to be closer to Alex. We began such a wonderful relationship which lead to marriage to my best friend. We bought a house together. Something that we could call ours and build our lives together in. We started filling the house with a sweet, hyper puppy and a feisty but lazy cat. And of course, we can't forget my dad. He has brought so much to our home in the short time he has been here. We are very lucky to have him. Also, probably one of the most important things that happened was my reactivation in the Church. It was like a part of who I am was lost and broken. I have stared picking up the pieces and my incredible husband is there with me every step of the way.
2010 is going to have a hard time beating 2009 if you ask me, especially with a looming deployment in September. But I don't really even think about because I have my faith back and my true partner in love and life. Whatever comes our way, good or bad, I have no doubt we will be strong and happy.