Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Videos of Fireworks

Alex didn't realize he was recording with the camera sideways. Oops!

This one goes in and out of focus, but still pretty cool!

Can you see the hearts??

Habor Fest June 2010

In June it turned out that Alex and I had a Saturday off together (which is pretty rare). We started the day off by having a much needed yard sale. Alex helped me put all the stuff in the front yard and after about an hour of that he then promptly fell asleep on the couch in the nice, cool house. (He had duty the night before, so I just let him sleep.) Meanwhile I was melting in the sun trying to get all the stuff sold. By about 2:00pm I was ready to call it quits. We sold about half the stuff out there, ended up with almost 200 dollars and I was sporting a nice sunburn.
The second half of our day did not require nearly as much work and ended up being a lot of fun. We went with Rob and Michelle to Harbor Fest down in Norfolk. Michelle and I thought it would be a good idea to take the motorcycles to get better parking, but we were wrong. (and being wrong is something Michelle and I hardly ever are.) Sitting in traffic, in the sun, on a motorcycle gets very hot and we still had to pay 5 dollars a piece for parking! Grrr....Oh, well...lesson learned I guess. Moving on....
The Festival was pretty crowded but had lots of vendors and music, not to mention really awesome food!! Between the four of us, we munched on some gyros, BBQ sandwiches, freshly squeezed lemonade which were all overly priced, of course. Alex's favorite was the roasted nuts with cinnamon and sugar on them. YUM! Here are some pictures about the rest of the stuff that we got to see and experience....

THE FIREWORKS WERE AWESOME!!! Probably one of the best I have ever seen!! They had heart-shaped ones, smile-faced ones, tons of colors and they were all choreographed almost perfectly to music. I have some videos that I am also going to upload that shows the fireworks a little bit better.
I think this one was near the grand finale!

I wish this picture had turned out a little better. The fireworks shot up into the air and then into the water. They rose to the surface of the water and started burning on the water!! While this was going on, they were play "Smoke on the Water" Pretty cool, huh?

I added this pic to the blog in the wrong spot, but can't figure out how to move it. But anyway, here is Alex, me, Michelle, and Rob standing in from of one of the cool boats in the Harbor.

All of the pics would probably be a lot better if it weren't for that stupid flag in the way!! I we tried to get move around it a little bit, but it was really frustrating!!

Waiting for the fireworks to start! Alex was telling me that when he was a kid he was afraid of fireworks because he was afraid they were going to fall out of the sky on him. I didn't put the pics on here, but we have pictures of ourselves covered in ashes and pieces of fireworks after the show. I guess Alex really did have reason to be scared :)

Another one of the boats parked at the Harbor.

I was so tempted to run over there and get wet just so that I could cool down! Those kids really had the right idea!

Very pretty sunset sky at the Harbor!

Proud to be an American!

If you look really close, you can see the GPS system.

Hey, a guy can dream, right????

Visitors in May

My older sister Chere came to visit for a couple weeks in May. SO I got to spoil my niece and nephew!! Here are some pics of us hanging around and going to the park. They were just so full of energy!!

Aunt Sarah is trying to play with Grant on the playground equipment. What was she thinking???
"mmmmm.....this could taste yummy!!"

Such a little monkey!!

"Whoa, Whoa! Be Careful!!"

Look at that Grin! He is just too cute!!
Grant was just happy to have room to run around. He really didn't care about all the play equipment at first.

Little Ally just swinging her cares away! :)

Can you say CHEESE!!!

Snack time! That face is just so lovable!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching Up!

A LOT happened in June so I am going to have to do a few post to get caught up! We went to Nevada, went to Harbor Fest, and there are some more interesting events and quite a few pictures. It will all be coming soon! BE PREPARED! :D

Funny Story

So last night I am sitting in the computer chair paying some bills when Alex walks up behind me. I am busily getting our finances straight so I don't really pay attention when Alex tries to feed me something. We share snacks and treats all the time, so I open my mouth willingly only to have a VERY disgusting DOG TREAT placed between my lips!!!! GROSS!!! I spit it right out before I actually took a nibble. Alex almost cried he was laughing so hard! What a BUTTHEAD!! But what can I say, I love him nonetheless. :)