Monday, December 5, 2011

5 out of 5.....

On July 13, 2011 our lives were changed forever. I got out of bed that morning to go to the bathroom and pee on the stick that Alex had purchased the night before. I left it in the bathroom and crawled back into bed with Alex. I didn't want to look. I have taken a few pregnancy tests in my day, and they had all disappointed me. I was trying so hard to not get my hopes up. After a few minutes, nature called for Alex so while he was in there I made him look at the results. I can't remember if he told me what the results, but I remember that he walked the test over and handed it to me. There it was....2 pink lines instead of one. I couldn't help smiling, but I was still in disbelief. So I took the 2 other tests that came in the box! I wanted to be really sure. The next two also came back positive and it was starting to sink in. I AM PREGNANT!! It seemed so unreal. Could what I wanted for SO long really be happening? Alex still didn't believe it. He wanted me to take more tests. I asked him how many more and he said "17." I wasn't about to pee on 17 pregnancy tests though, so I compromised and got the pregnancy test that actually said "pregnant or not pregnant." I figured there really couldn't be any questioning with those results, right? Sure enough, both tests displayed pregnant. Surprise, Surprise! We both called it official. And to quote one of my favorite movies "you're eggo is preggo. That is one doodle that can't be undid, homeskillet." :)
I thought for a few minutes about keeping the news to ourselves for a while. I have heard that you shouldn't really announce anything till after your first trimester is over, but I was bursting at the seams. After talking it over with Alex, we decided to tell our close family and then post the pictures on Facebook. The cat was soon out of the bag. And I was happier than I had ever been! Alex is/was happy but he was a lot more cautious than I was about getting excited at first. He knows how long I have wanted this, so he was just worried that if anything went wrong it would be devastating to me. He was worried about me, like he always does. Sometimes I think that boy loves me too much. ;) And of course this new came to us right after Alex got out of the military, was looking for employment, and we didn't have insurance. It was so ironic because the whole time we had really been "trying" to conceive and I went through my surgery we had been financially stable and had insurance through the military. It is like everyone kept tell me, it happens when you least expect it or are ready for it. Ready or not though, we are so blessed.

You really can't mistake those results! And I don't think I will ever have as many people excited over something that I peed all over! :)

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