Sunday, October 2, 2011

Harbor Fest 2011

Alex and I really enjoyed Harbor Fest last year, so we thought we would go down to see the fireworks again and eat some yummy food. Well, we made it to the yummy food, but not the fireworks. As you can tell from the video and pictures, we got rained out. :( it was a total bummer! If it hadn't been for the funnel cake that we got to scarf down before it got soggy in the rain, the night would have been an epic fail in my book. I was wearing a summer dress and it was so soaked by the time we got to the parking garage that it was actually dripping at the bottom!! We thought for a split second that we might want to try and see if the rain stopped and still try and see the fireworks, but we both felt like drowned rats when we finally got out of the rain. That definitely doesn't make for an enjoyable time. But it did make some memories!

YouTube Video

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